1930's Whimsey

The 1930's was an era when whimsy and fanciful details in fashion seemed to bolster the spirit. Schaiparelli was instrumental in starting the trend where apparel became sassy and fun to wear. This day dress was designed by Hattie Carnegie in 1939. Upon close examination it shows us something we might have forgotten about our clothing: How we can take advantage of a print to have fun with fashion. Round straw hats are scattered all over this silk fabric. To make it unique, selected crowns were cut out, giving us a surprising peek-a-boo bodice with sleeves that sport port holes!

Wouldn't it be fun to try this idea? Any design with disk shapes will work: daisy centers, suns, even polka dots could be treated as portholes too. I think this is a super cute way to make a simple summer project look amazing--with a bit of whimsy too.

More on Hattie Carnegie, HERE.
This dress was seen in an exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and is part of the Phoenix Art Museum's collection.

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