Threadflip: new kid on the block

Just a quick note here--Have you found "Threadflip" yet?

We can count on both hands the many sites that sell vintage fashion, but the roster of websites to buy and sell nicer, newer fashion pieces drops off. Where to go online for affordable designer fashions and post-1990 looks?

Take a look at this very new website at It may be what you are looking for when it comes to buying and selling better pieces from recent years. They even sell 'vintage' but that's not really what this site is about.

From the shoppers viewpoint, the pages are clean and well planned. The search page has good size images, not the tiny postage stamp views you find on most consignment sites. The seller's page I viewed even had the 'close-up' feature to see the photo details. Since this is really an online consignment shop, all of the photos are posted by the sellers.  This makes the quality of the pages a bit uneven.  I can imagine that some form of uniformity will prevail as this site matures--since the better photos will probably showcase and sell faster.

The site takes 15% consignment from the final sale.  For this they provide the postage and packing material (and this can add up, as we all know!). So that is the unique feature: when an items sells, the seller has 3 days to approve the sale, then a package with mailing label is sent to the seller.  This is ready to stuff the dress into before it is sent via USPS to the buyer. The only drawback to this system might be the lag in time for the item to arrive at its final destination--maybe a week at least, right?  Well, enough said, go check it out!

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