We're into Vera Scarves right now

In the 1960's and 1970's Vera, a textile designer, painted bright scarf designs too numerous to count. Her silk (and later polyester) scarves came in neat squares and long rectangles (to tie around long, low ponytails, the colorful ends trailing down the back). When an outfit was too plain and begged for some print, her scarves were the perfect accent. This version pairs up pink, lavander and blue, wearable with nearly everything in that color range. Look for her spashy signature with a lady bug logo at the corner.

It's 1968, lunch at Bullock's. Let's wear the shocking pink linen shift, the one with the cut-out shoulders and wide matching belt around the hip. For some color, throw on this scarf. You have to be careful about Bullock's, it's too conservative for a hemline that's short. But the big question is: Are you going to wear gloves or not?

After a winter without sun, don't you need some color in your cheeks? This big egg dot scarf is young and casual without being sloppy. You can see that Vera is above the practice of placing precise polka dots onto a grid. She can just brush them on with a load of paint.

Didn't Jackie O wear this in that photo with her white "T" and round sun glasses?


Well, maybe she left it back on the yacht when she dashed out that sunny afternoon.

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