An Apron to go with everything

It's been awhile since aprons were on the scene. When last spotted, they were gracing lithe young mommies whipping up Betty Crocker brownies. Now they are low slung and sassy. Whether worn for protection (oh my, better cover my silk shirtwaist) or decoration, an apron can spice up any outfit.

These aprons date from 1966, yet they are so 1950's in style. We love the ginghan check look, so full of Americana, homey and perky, don't you think? Each sports a nifty pocket for kleenex and imaginative boders of rick-rack and hand sewn cross-stitching. It wouldn't be too difficult to capture this same effect with several colors of rick-rack alone, creating a great did-it-myself look to a modest creation.

Sewing an apron is also a great way to get familiar with your sewing machine. Few things are easier to sew-and hey, all the seam lines are straight! Generations of junior high girls whipped them up in their home ec. classes through the 1970's (before moving on to their second semester cooking class, where the apron would actually prove to be useful). So get creative and sew one up soon.

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