Talking Color

There is alot to be said for color, and maybe the hardest is locating the exact word or phrase to describe an exact color. This can be difficult when trying to communicate--by phone, email, blog or website. This can be especially frustrating when trying to match or identify a color. Then there is shopping on the web: what is that color on the monitor, really?

Probably the worst color tragedy is "I can't remember what that color was" when shopping or trying to match on site. Got the fabric, but will it match the wallpaper? Or: "I forgot my fabric, will this trim go OK with it?"

At one time I worked with an art director who flashed around her expensive Pantone color fans "Make your costumes this color". It was one thing for her to have her own set, but it was another for the rest of us to follow through on her directives. "Hey, does anyone remember what color she wanted?"


Pantone has taken sympathy on us little folk, with its lovely color fan titled the "Shopping Color Guide". Hint: it's not just for shopping. This little known kid sister to the jumbo art director version is just right for locating your color and taking it with you. Fabric, paint, paper, it's all here. OK, not all, but seriously, any more color and I would be totally overwhelmed.

Get it:
Pantone Product # 2017 @ $19.95

While on the Pantone topic, I thought you might need to know their predicted hot color for 2007: Chili Pepper. It should be cropping up everywhere if the predictive is on target.

Pantone also groups color by decade: 60's, 70's, and 80's, although at first glance these color collages seem more like a graphic logos. On closer examination, the colors do run true to their time and might come in handy when trying to date a vintage item, or re-create the look.


I didn't include the 90's because we are just too close to appreciate that decade. Prada black, Armani grey or Calvin Kein beige anyone?

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