Sewing in Seattle: Nancy's Sewing Basket

Part of the fun of traveling is getting to finally see shops we have found online. Nancy's Sewing Basket came to our attention over a year ago, through the wonderful sewing and fabric store in Boise, Idaho called Caledonia Fine Fabrics (but that's another blog entry). This month we were able to con a willing driver to take us to Nancy's Sewing Basket while in Seattle on our visit to the north/west.

The shop is worth the wait. WOW, what don't they carry? It is nicely merchandised with areas for specific types of sewing: a bridal section, woolens for tailoring, buttons and amazingly, a ribbon room with silk flowers and milinery supplies.

We wandered around for some time, the staff there is friendly and knowegable. Imagine having a ribbon boutique room that looks like it is straight from a side street in Paris, complete with its own salesperson!

It would help to have a project in mind when you shop here, so you can indulge in a buying spree too. We worked up a real appetite there and found a great Thai food cafe across the street. This is a great district to visit for more than just fabric.

Nancy's Sewing Basket

2221 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109 (map below)

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