Halloween Costumes: Witchy Woman

A witch costume for Halloween? Now there's a novel idea. It seems that what was once the territory of snaggle toothed old hags, widened to include the sexy young ones too. Was it when Charles Adams that brought his "Adams Family" point of view to this day of 'dress' that a sophisticated witch entered the scene?

Well, never mind, it's your turn to shine as a Mod, Mad and adorable Witchy Woman this year. Here we have 2 versions of the long black "V" necked gown, and both from that same 60's era when a cascade at the wrist was fine and dandy.

With this version you get the pure black silhouette, in a slim "A" line version. The bonus is that both of these are in a hard to find large size. If you are a small, well we always have black dresses in stock for that last minute event where you need to slink in, dressed to kill.

Find these on our etsy site (just click the "pintucks boutique" logo on the right.

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