Viva La Moda, Fashion Magazine

The second issue of "Viva La Moda" magazine is available online now, and we love it! You can find it easily by clicking on the title or image here. This issue is a big fat 88 pages, and that's really something considering that this is published, edited and written by volunteer writers and talent.

The key interview is with a talented Etsy fashion designer named Bonzie. Included are numerous articles that showcase Etsy vintage and hand crafted fashion items available only on Etsy. This really points out the diversity and fashion talent pool on Etsy lately.

My own article is "Aprons as Fashion", on page 83. It's a quick look at how fun aprons can be when worn as fashion, rather than only a kitchen accessory. The hardest part of this little article was finding good Etsy photos. There are so many really sweet and sassy aprons out there, but sadly most sellers don't 'get it' when it comes to marketing their wares. Which ment that most aprons were shown carelessly or on models who were 'cut off' from the waist up. So, hey fellow sellers, style your aprons when you take your pix! Who knows, maybe buyers would be more inclined to buy if they were shown with some attitude and flair. On these two pages are the cutest ones you'll find, and don't you just love the way they are worn?

We were also excited to find one of our favorite dresses in shown in the "Pushing Daisy's" spread on page 21 (ours is #7).

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