Sadly, it's time to say 'Good bye' to our little shop.
It was a wonderful experience, and we loved every minute of it.

Now we are begining a new direction that will keep us close to the vintage fashion and fabric we so love, but free us from the worries of keeping up the shop in today's economy.
We look forward to building up our shops on Etsy, and having more time to seek out the really beautiful vintage we know our customers love.

So, while you watch us grow, don't forget to let us know how you are doing.
The one thing we will miss are the wonderful, crazy, fun and truely beautiful customers who graced our shop.
Know that we are still here, and look forward to seeing you at our shop on Etsy, drop by for a private 'showing', or come share the madness at a Trunk Show party.
Get your name on our mailing list and stay in touch!

Viva la Pintucks!

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