CPSIA: recent TEXTILE and YARN information: Children's Apparel lead testing

I recently received an email from the California Fashion Association, the regional authority for all things 'fashion' and apparel related in California. This article on the CPSC ruling regarding lead in textiles and yarns is important news for all creative businesses who produce for the children's market. The following information is is a complete quote, to avoid any mis-information or errors:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has voted to exempt textiles from the lead testing and certification requirements for children's products covered by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The exemption becomes effective within the next few days.

However, the CPSIA says that while fabric and yarn does not now need to be tested, the snaps, buttons, zippers found in a garment are not part of this rule - which means the final article of clothing still needs to be tested.

The CPSIA legislation aims to improve the safety of children's products - and in particular protect children from poisoning - by limiting the amount of lead and phthalates (chemicals commonly found in plastics) found in a range of items, including apparel and footwear, on sale in the US.

Last week the maximum allowable total lead content of items for children aged 12 and under fell by half to 300 parts per million (ppm). The allowable lead content falls again on August 14 2011, to 100 ppm.

The textile and apparel industry had long argued that testing fabric and fibers did not make sense, placed an unproductive burden on them, and required safe products to undergo costly or unnecessary testing.

The CPSIA says it reached its decision on fabrics and dyes after studying hundreds of test reports and analyses that examined lead levels in various textile and apparel products.

"After reviewing and verifying this test data, the staff was able to determine that most textile products are manufactured using processes that do not introduce lead or result in an end product that would exceed the CPSIA's lead limits," it said.

For a listing of specific natural and manufactured fibers declared exempt from the lead laws, please contact the CFA office.

This post is a direct quote from a recent email sent by:
California Fashion Association

CPSIA "Lead Testing' Update:
Fabric and yarn exempt from CPSC lead testing rules

This apparel industry organization may be reached at:
California Fashion Association | 444 South Flower Street | 34th Floor | Los Angeles
| CA | 90071

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