Vintage 1970's Long Dresses, go for the MAXI look

When is a long dress not glamorous?
One of the best eras for full length in the 20th century was during the 1970's when hemlines fell. While daytime dresses may have been mini then, wearing pants took over in a big way. For special events and leisure, long length dresses such as the soft version shown above were the perfect choice for creating a dramatic entrance.

Spinning off from the boho hippie looks, long dresses became more refined and sexy as the decade progressed, sporting cut away halters and strappy necklines. Creative draping using popular knits made for looks that were influenced by the 1930's and 1940's. This pink knit dress has a great geometric focus to the draped bodice.

Bias cut silhouettes of Harlow and Kate Hepburn were popular, but produced instead in printed or solid colored Qiana and tricot knits like the brush print dress above.

At the end of the 1970's decade, Halston infused fashion with a strong sensibility towards liquid drapery and body conscious fit with a Grecian style. If you are seeking fashion that is sexy, sophisticated and show stopping, this is the look to find. You won't be disappointed!

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