Small Shops: Shopping Vintage, Fashion and More

Another sweet shop I adored has shut down its business this week.
That makes how many since last Fall? I really can't count.
While we all can't go around spending money like the new rich these days, doesn't it seem possible that we could re-think our spending and shift what we do have to spend on the shops and businesses that we want to keep in town?

You know the ones: little district with a cafe or eatery, a few shops to surround it. A perfect spot for lunch or coffee with a friend followed by some snooping around the vintage shop on the right and the boutique on the left.

Don't let your special places waste away this spring. Drop by and see what you can do to help: isn't Easter in a few weeks? Wouldn't that hand painted plate be great with your famous deviled eggs on them? Or that hat, yes, the Easter hat you should wear for fun on Friday to work before spring break, wouldn't that crack up the office?

Not to mention the racks of vintage spring dresses, skirts and blouses, waiting for you to pick a few to replace those dreary jeans you wear too often. So why not make time to meet a few friends and go out this weekend to visit your favorite shopping spots. Shopping the small places is really the most fun.

This is post introduces the first of a weekly spot I will write on shops that I like.

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