Sewing Vintage: Putting it all together - Fabric & Patterns

vintage fabric
I thought it might be fun to take one Vintage Vogue pattern and put together two entirely different outfits. Vogue Designer pattern #2609 by Mattli has great seamline details and a smooth clean look. It would look great in a shorter length with accessories that pop.

Making the fabric selection was next. In the first set, a 1960's girly floral in pinky-red water colors was chosen. The smooth silhouette of the dress design will carry off this floral very well. Finally we pair the dress with D&G heels that have amazing flirty details. For accent: a crystal clear necklace to break up the florals a bit.

vintage fabric
Another fabric option is a 1970's sporty red/white/blue geometric print. A bit of red-orange in the navy design wakes it up, so red shoes were selected to play up that color. The beaded necklace will pull focus to the face. We love this 70's look with a new twist.

Top Set:
Red shoes: Kate Spade, Metro, Zappos
Necklace: Carolee LUX Coral Bib, Bloomingdales,
Fabric: Red Floral
Pattern: Vogue 2609, Bust 34

Lower Set:
Pink shoes: D&G Dolce & Gabbana DS1938 E1134 8S548, Zappos
Necklace:Tulle, Lucite and Faux Pearl, Bloomingdales
Fabric: Red, White & Blue Geometric

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