1930's Women's Pants: Polka Dots and Sailor Styles

1930's <br />Deco Beach Pants
1930's Nautical Jumpsuit
1930's Sailor style pants
1930's Woman's suit
1930's Sailor styleWide leg pants are showing up in fashion again, affected by the 1970's influences currently affecting trends. The sailor styles we saw during the 1970's had their origins in the 1930's when women began to wear 'beach pajamas' and men's tailored trousers.

The women's beach pajamas illustrated here date from the early 1930's (some are dated 1931), and show how women were able to choose from a wide variety of style details and looks. Most interesting to me is the white double breasted suit. Who says YSL was the first to put women in pant suits? Here's a great example from nearly 40 years earlier!

So be inspired, this silhouette has alot to offer and is a great change of pace from the skinny jeans we have seen for the past few years.

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