Pantone Honeysuckle: The Color for Spring

honeysuckle'Honeysuckle' is the name Pantone color services has given this warm, dark pink, their color choice for 2011. Now that we are seeing signs of spring, it's time to consider this color as it is arriving in stores this month.

vintage fashionIt shouldn't come as a surprise that this pink is a vintage color, re-claimed from the 1970's and early 1980's. With this in mind, we assembled a rack of 'Honeysuckle' pink from our Etsy shop. Shown here are a few dresses to tempt you into wearing pink this season. Whether the pink you choose is on the bright side, or shy's away towards the dusty rose versions, pink looks new again. This classic hue can work into any wardrobe when you are looking for a color is that is both up beat and inviting to wear.

Where to FIND these DRESSES?

1960 Mad Men Silk
1980's Peplum

1980's Floral Flapper
1970's Maxi Goddess
1970's Jersey

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