Summer Craft N Sewing Projects: Books with Ideas

generation T

soft jewelry, cloth jewelry

retro revamp

Get your summer crafting in gear with projects that you can wear or add to your decor. Some ideas in these books use sewing, others don't. Either way there are alot of great ideas here!

Generation T
Here is a fun book loaded with ideas for transforming T shirts with or without a sewing machine. If you have few lazy kids around the house, this book has ideas they can make up. Or, you can find projects for yourself to whip out before the day gets to be too hot.

How to Make Soft Jewelry
This is a hard to find popular craft book that dates back 20 years. It has lots of ideas that are perfect for current trends. After looking through this cute book you will want to get started ASAP!

Retro ReVamp The projects in this book are designed mostly for accessories or home decor. You will love the bright colors and off-beat ideas for using 'trash' and bits of things around the house.

There are more books listed at the shop, time to look and see what inspires you!

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