Fall is Sweater Time: Pringle Cashmere

Pringle sweaters
Cashmere and Pringle sweaters are a great combination that is getting harder to find. The weight and texture has made them a favorite knit and it's become impossible to pass up a vintage cashmere while cruising a good estate sale.

beaded sweater
Recently I came across a great video for a recent exhibition, "From Hawick to Hollywood: the Women who wore Pringle". This looks at mid-century Pringle knits and is exhibited in Hawick, Scotland where Pringle is made. Wallace Shaw, who designed for Pringle between 1972 and 1978 shares his impressions about Pringle during that time. The gorgeous sweaters shown here are all from that video.

The Pringle webpage and video are ”HERE”.

beaded sweaters
Don't these gorgeous cashmere knits make you want seek out Pringles? I know I do!
Also, I have to credit Lizzie at ”The Vintage Traveler” for sending me on this little journey into Scottish textiles. I have enjoyed every minute, and will share more with you later.

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