Vintage Details: Gilbert Adrian: Suit Jacket c. 1947: Part 1

This jacket was designed by Gilbert Adrian and was shown in his 1947 line. It was shown with a longer length straight skirt to create a very slender silhouette "Vogue" would call the 'tubular look' in the April 1947 edition.

The jacket is made from black wool with such a high thread count that a magnifying loop had to be used to see the fine herringbone twill weave. This high thread count creates an extremely smooth surface and a lightweight but very firm fabric that is brushed for a kid finish.

Heavy gold coins one inch in diameter are used. Three buttons in the front and two on the back belt are the only texture contrast to the smooth black fabric in the jacket.

Details seen here are the whimsical pockets that are set at angles. With the light absorbing textile, they are nearly unseen until the viewer moves in closer. The back view has a semi-circle peplum skirt with narrow belt and two big coin buttons to accent that look.

(This is the first part of several posts on this jacket)

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