2012 Vintage Inspired Calendars

This journal page was written on New Year's day, 1879 by my great-great grandmother from her farm near Melpine, Iowa. She recounts the day's events, including meeting with her sewing society.

What are you doing this year to record your own schedule of events? It's not too late to find a vintage fashion inspired calendar in your local bookstore. For me, the weekly layout works best, but I do love a colorful wall calendar too. It's nice to have something to glance at during the month to remind me what is on my agenda each week.

Here are a few of the fun vintage fashion calendars available this year to get you started on your hunt for the perfect calendar (before they all sell out!).

Desk top weekly: "Fashion of the 20th Century", this one is by Taschen and sports an ad from magazines each week. It does feature the entire century, which is fun. This weekly will keep my appointments on time (at least I'm hoping!).

Wall calendar, monthly: "Handbags", by Image Connection, This calendar features 12 fun handbags for 2012.

Wall calendar, monthly: "365 Days of Shoes" by Workman Publishing. Styled with a shoe for every day, this is a fun concept full of amazing images. We hang up a version of this calendar every year in the design studio so we know what's scheduled for the future.

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