Color: Turquoise collections

Turquoise collections seem to be popping up alot lately.

All three color groups here include my bright turquoise mid-1950's dress with other artifacts of the same hue.

There are several combinations of turquoise and red/pink, a color set that is both new and classic at the same time.

This is the fun dress that was included in all of the color treasuries above. It is a princess seam line style cut from a heavy, crisp taffeta faille. There is a fitted empire waistline, bound armholes and a little tab in front with a golden bow pin. It is currently available online HERE.

Top color treasury: "Vintage Turquoise", by Saturdays Market HERE

Middle color treasury: "Color Lab 1: Turquoise" by Make Haste Design HERE

Lower color treasury: "Tell Me the Truth" by Simply A Circle HERE

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