Flapper Fashions: 1929

With the great success of "The Artist" at the Academy Awards tonight, I thought it perfect timing to spend a week looking into fashions from that era. To be specific, 1929. This wonderful fashion magazine, "Fashionable Dress" showcases mid-summer fashions for August.

It also seems appropriate to take a look at real actresses from that year. What did they really look like? How did they wear the current trends?

This is Helen Mencken, and she wears a two piece frock edged in scallops. Her cloche hat is pulled down to her eyebrows, which is what we should expect. Both a stage and film actress, she had married Humphrey Bogart in 1926, but divorced him a year later.

Next is Peggy Bancroft, from "Whoopee". She is wearing a youthful afternoon frock with lace and georgette. Notice how the hem line is uneven, not unlike our current hem line trends. If you look closely at her, you'll notice she has a spit curl in the center of her forehead.

Leneta Lane is our third actress from "Congratulations". Her ensemble was designed by "Joseph". It is an aquamarine crepe coat with wide collar.

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