New Look Era : Dress Pattern, McCall's 7719

McCalls 7719This is the cover art from vintage sewing pattern: McCall's 7719. It's probably from the late 1940's or early 1950's, judging by the skirt silhouette and length. The dress has a stylish back fullness, yet the front view is slender, and that's so typical of the era.

The bodice front detail seam lines and stitching are sexy yet oddly tailored looking. It's like the designer super-imposed a ball gown bodice onto a dress front. The shoulders do seem a big structured, a hold out from the previous silhouette?

My personal checklist for the "New Look" post WWII era:

--turned up collar
--turned back cuffs
--hip flange pockets
--pointed corners: winged collar, pockets and cuffs
--back fullness
--skirt length to mid-calf
--new short hairstyle and small earrings
--new small hat
--moderate heeled pumps

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