On the Street: 1929 Fashionable Flappers

You might think that current fashion bloggers invented 'street fashion' photos, but that's not so. These four photos were taken on the streets of New York to show current fashion trends in 1929.

Top-Jacket suits of light weight wool. Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney is on the right.
Second- Printed dresses worn with felt hat and fox scarf
Third-Printed silk dress worn with tan hose and gloves and dark blue Bangkock hat with fox scarf
Bottom-Printed silk crepe dress with fluttering scarf collar, layered skirt and draped bodice, worn with black patent pumps and a finely woven straw ballibuntal hat from the Philippines.


This is third in a series of blog posts on women's fashions from 1929, in celebration of "The Artist".
Most illustrations come from the magazine "Fashionable Dress", August 1929.

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