Beach Magic: 1935 Swim Suits by Gantner

Beach Magic! Gantner Swim Suits and Banda-Wikies

This set of swimsuits from May, 1935 is worn by starlets: Esther Ralston (Polka dot: $6.50), Phyllis Brooks (Stripes: $3.95), Irene Ware (former Miss America), (Anchors: $6.50) and Toby Wing (Maillot: $5.95) with the back view. This was 'sold in smart shops everywhere'!

"Young, modern...lovely sea sorcerers, with French secrets of contour control. Each year, the smartest suits are styled by GANTER...and here are four that, like the starlets who wear them, have a positive genius for capturing all eyes!"

Click on the image to see a larger version. You can find out more about this California design company at The Vintage Traveler.

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