Elie Saab: COUTURE, F/W 2012-2013

The current Fall Winter couture collection from Elie Saab is worth a mention. The texture, drape and fabric quality speak of a level of couture we seldom see. Rich and luxe, the silhouettes are so elegant and refined.

A trip to his website is a treat. The couture show has a "detail" view for each garment, giving us a rare chance to see each gown closely. That is where these wonderful fashion illustrations can be found.

The illustrations are so much fun to see. It seems like we seldom get an opportunity to see both sketch and gown at the same time, but here we have both! I have included a few for you to enjoy--but you'll want to catch the rest HERE

Elie Saab: Home, and opening video

Elie Saab: biography

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