Let's Talk About: Pantone Color Report for Spring 2013

Now that the Spring 2013 Runway shows are over, Pantone has released to the public the courtesy version of their color prediction for next spring. These colors look alot like a bright rainbow crayon box, with clear versions of the basic colors we are familiar with. It has the primaries: red, blue, yellow. And there are the secondary colors: orange, green and violet. The deep "Monaco Blue" you see here was also predicted to be "the" color for spring. It looks like denim to me, and that's about the way it was described. In the past their prediction shows up in the season's most popular items, so start looking for it now.

I created this 'crayon box' layout so that you can see the whole rainbow group. If you click on the image, you will see it full size. You'll notice that all of the central colors we use are here, along with a few accents. Now it's your turn to design a color mood board that show one of these colors and how it is seen fashion, accessories or home decor. How will you use these color influences?

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