Clothes that Count: 1967 Fashion Brochure

This illustration from 1967 is from a set of Sunday magazine supplements to the "Radio Times" publications titled "Clothes that Count". They were written to promote a BBC series under the heading online of: "What We Wore". As a television show it first appeared in 1957 with six installments. These and others from 1967, 1969, 1976, and 1982 are available from the BBC video archives on line (but not in the US). Each installment is focused on one type of fashion garment and features British fashion designers.

These small brochures were published to be seen with the BBC shows in 1967, so the illustrations are of fashion styles from that year. The print is blurry, but there is a 'text' version that is easy to read. The content gives tips on sewing the fashion trends of the day, along with designer comments. If you love 60's fashion, these brochures will be fun to see and you may find them a worthwhile resource for both fashion and sewing during the late 1960's. If you are lucky enough to have seen the BBC series, let us know about those too!

Clothes that Count Part One, HERE, and the text of this pamphlet is HERE

Clothes that Count, Part Two, HERE, and the text of this pamphlet is HERE

BBC Archives Video Series: What We Wore, HERE

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