Measureing for Vintage: What's Your Size?

Fashion garments that are more than 20 years old tend to be sized differently than the clothes we wear today. Understanding current sizing measurements can help when reviewing vintage fashion in your size.

Here is a modern commercial size chart that I developed from several top websites. Check your own measurements with this chart to see your standard size in modern fashion.

size chart
You can use this chart to see if a vintage fashion is close to your size, but remember these rules:

RULE #1: Always add wearing ease. What is this?
Have enough extra 'wiggle room' in the garment so you can move and breathe!
Be sure that it is at least 2" or more larger in the bust than your own bust line and 4" or more larger in the hips than your own hip line.

RULE #2: Measure your own vintage fashions that fit best, and
use those garment measurements as a guide when shopping for similar fashions online.

RULE #3: Measure yourself so you know your own body measurements. Need to Measure yourself? Use this website to see how it's done:

A few things to expect when shopping for vintage:
Our waistlines are bigger, so
Expect vintage waistlines to be 'too small' if they don't have elastic stretch.
(You can let out back darts in most styles for a bit more waistline room)

Our Bustlines are bigger, so
Expect bustlines to be tight even when the waistline and hips do fit.

Vintage fabric rarely stretches, so
Don't expect your vintage fashion to have more stretch room than it measures.

And remember to wear foundation and undergarments suitable to the style, and you'll have that gorgeous vintage fashion for years to come!

I first posted this nearly a year and a half ago, and it seemed like time to put it up again so we can all be reminded what sizes we wear and how to find our fit when we shop for vintage.

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