What to Wear: New Year's 1964

How about trying an early 1960's style this New Years? These fun Mad Men era fashion photos come from the December 1963 issue of "Seventeen" magazine. What I noticed first as I looked at these styles is the color. Although the top two dresses are black, as I might have expected, the others really show alot of color. They are all long, which seems more formal too.

1963 feels transitional. There's a 1950's vibe still present in the way bodices fit and skirts are full. But Jackie O's influence is clearly seen in the contrast 'shell' tops over a more bell shaped skirt. The cute head kerchiefs and high waist long formal coats also look 'new' for that year. In only a few short years, all would change, including fashion. Right here it seems so fun and innocent, doesn't it.

Maybe you have recognized the young actors in these photos? From the top: George Hamilton with his big smile, Peter Duchin, Gary Lockwood, and finally Tony Perkins at the start of his career.

If you look for vintage, you'll notice that gowns from this era are still available. Unlike their 50's counterparts this silhouette has a more natural body fit, so you won't feel the pinch!

One note about this issue: it would have been on the stands when JFK was assassinated, making this issue from the end of his and Jackie O's eventful era.

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