Vintage or Retro: 1950's Sun Dress

Isn't is amazing how REAL vintage is often better priced than the copies? This example compares a light blue denim 1950's sun dress with a super cute buttoned back against a new retro style copy in orange. As you look closely, notice that the vintage has many more details, like the great pockets. Both have eye catching full skirt panels in multi-color tones, both are sleeveless with scoop necklines.

When is comes to comfort, the orignal denim model is all cotton, while the copy has more polyester than cotton in the fabric. Both have back details, the 50's style actually buttons closed, so it can be made to fit just by moving a few buttons over. The new version has fake buttons and a side zipper.

What really boggles the mind is that the copy is nearly $100, but the original dress is less than $90. Kinda makes you stop and think, doesn't it!

Original Dress is for sale HERE in our PintuckStyle shop on Etsy.

Copy dress is available at ModCloth, which lists "vintage clothing" in the tag (shame on them!)

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