Mother-Daughter: Dressing Alike in the 50's

Mothers and daughters dressing alike? During the 1950s and 1960s, matching outfits were almost a national style. Sometimes these matching sets were purchased, but more often they were home sewn.

At a time when mothers at home could sew their own fashions, it was very common to see tiny versions worn by their daughters. The same goes for fathers and sons, but in a lesser way. For them, matching sport shirts crafted by mom were worn.

When looking for vintage, it's very rare today to find a matching set from this era for a child and their parent. What we are left with are family photos and advertisements, capturing the charm of dressing alike. This nautical themed set is from an advertisement for "Everglaze" fabric. The dresses shown are by "Yolanda" in Springmaid cottons.

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