Zig Zag Neckline: 1950's Little Black Dress as Inspiration

The little black dress shown here has all of the details we look for in a vintage cocktail dress, along with a rather astonishing zig-zag neckline. This look is a real show stopper, don't you think? When everyone else is in a Jackie O copy, here is a real designer look.

Sometimes the conservative early years of the 1960s could turn out a wild fashion look. This Mad Men era black cocktail dress from the very late 50s or early 60s is a great example of the creativity that could exist within the confines of a classic silhouette: the sheath dress. The simple label is from "Mr. Ray fo California". This is a designer that I haven't found any biography of business information on. It's just another California label produced during this era.

If you want your own little black dress as a fashion sewing project, I think that this idea could be carried out using a sheath style dress pattern. With careful planning in the muslin stage so that each point is in the right location, this faced neckline is not so difficult to sew. The version here is off the shoulders, but it could be set on a wide neckline instead. If that off shoulder effect was desired, a raglan sleeve or shoulder would work the best in this look. There are many 80s sewing patterns with "off the shoulder" styles that could be used instead.

The vintage dress shown here is from "French Laundry Co." on Etsy.

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