Topping it all off: Wearing Vintage Hats

If you wear or sew vintage fashion, do you include accessories? This would mean wearing hats when you leave the house. Now selecting the right hat can be a real problem: what about my hair? what hat goes with this dress? can I wear a black hat with brown shoes?

I can't give you all that advice, so perhaps it's best to just say: consider the weather first.

Like a miniature coat for your head, it should provide warmth, style or shelter. This means that black fur is perfect for a cold night on the town. The wool brushed tan hat is also a nice way to say "Keeping warm!".

But why not a leopard fur beret. It's cute and sexy at the same time. Besides there are few hats so easy to wear and classic at the same time as a beret. Never mind the French style connection(even if the French don't seem to wear berets ever).

And while you are looking for the perfect hat this winter, don't forget that spring is just around the corner, and a lovely straw might suit your best silk shirtwaist dress.
Feeling foxey? Try an outrageous statement hat: "Hi, I'm a Chrysanthemum". Wouldn't this be great to wear to the next Hollie Go-Lightly party?

Sewing Patterns: available at
Vogue 5094, cloche
Vogue 5110, beret

Hats: Available at Pintucks, Pasadena, and coming soon to
Several are from the Victorian Room at Bullock's Pasadena
(now retrofitted and open as Macy's Pasadena, but without the Victorian Room, alas)

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