CPSIA: Is Your Family Ready?

What is it?
The Consumer Product Safety Inprovement Act is a new law that will prevent businesses from selling ANYTHING for children without product chemical testing.

Failure to test each item may include landfill or burning both new and used clothing, and preventing thrift stores, yard sales, ebay or you from selling children's apparel and toys that are untested or were made before the law goes into effect on Feb. 10.

This is a classic example of botched legislation.
The intent was valid: it was supposed to prevent lead content from being in children's toys (from China) but the bill is so badly written that it includes required lead test for each and every model and style of toy, garment, books, furniture, fabrics etc.
But the real shocker is that this bill is


The law is unclear how used or old children's apparel, toys, furniture and other items will be disposed of. But right now the interpretation is that nothing can be re-used or re-sold again!

This is a real blow to young families who routinely trade, buy and sell used children's ware in order to keep up with the demands of a growing child and still keep to a budget.
This is a shocking fact that the hurting economy will have to deal with.

Another big issue is the fact that the testing process is expensive, and only the major manufacturers are able to comply. Small home industries (often mother-at-home businesses) will not be able to afford this expense, and many 'boutique' businesses are expected to close with in the next few weeks.

When is the deadline? coming soon on Feb. 10.

Read these sites, then if you think this deserves notice, email, phone or write your to your friends and family (feel free to cut and paste this post)


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