Vintage for Curvy Girls: Large size in vintage

How many times have we heard a size 14 or 16 tell us she loves vintage, but it doesn't come in her size? Too often! What we are out to do is make great vintage available to more people. Sure, we may try to hoard it for ourselves, but we are willing to share, a little bit. (see this dress here)
You can't beat the 60's for super cute shifts, skooter dresses and that mod look. We love them with colored legs, boots and big jewelry.

Shifts and chemise styles have such a great fit too. Most are 'A' line for a slim fit and flare silhouette. When it comes to belting, a secretary dress from the late 70's and 80's is fun. Change out the matching belt it comes with, for something bright and contrasting.
What you see here are contenders in this week's Ebay auction. If you love it, you better go get it!
If you missed this batch, stay in touch, as we have MORE to list in the near future on both Ebay and Etsy.

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