Adrian: Gowns and Salons, 1948

Announcement by fashion designer Gilbert Adrian, made in the Spring of 1948:

Sometimes dreams come true. For years I have wanted to show my complete collection in New York as I show it in California. At last it is possible. It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce the opening of the Adrian Room at Gunther in New York.

Here, for the first time, you may always see a complete collection, for we have arranged that all models be kept permanently in stock throughout each season.

Gunther will be the only shop in New York showing my clothes. Please consider this a personal invitation to see them there.

This gorgeous taffeta gown advertises the genius of Adrian, whose designs were well known by the fashion world of his day. As a primary American designer of his generation, it seems astonishing that he would have to wait until 1948 to have a year-round salon venue for his collection in New York. Only the previous spring, he had shown his collection in the St. Regis Hotel. In his early 40's, he had already established a Los Angeles salon and a $2 million business before launching this new salon at the center of the American fashion world.

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